The Great Dwarf

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the cinematic. For the Dwarven God, see Great Dwarf.
The Great Dwarf
Plays during Heart of the Shiverpeaks (quest)
Region Depths of Tyria
Location Battledepths
Campaign Eye of the North

The Great Dwarf cinematic still.jpg
Jalis becoming The Great Dwarf


Major characters[edit]

Minor characters[edit]


Jalis Ironhammer: "The Great Dwarf's power is upon you all!"
"Hurrah! For Deldrimor!"
<Party leader>: "The ritual is almost done. How are we doing?"
Oola: "I've restructured the matrix array for the golems. It's so simple that even a human can use it."
Jora: "The Norn are ready as well!"
Ogden Stonehealer: "There are...five of you?"
Jora: "I thought four would be enough. Olaf's daughter insisted she come along."
Ogden Stonehealer: "I will NEVER understand the Norn."
Gwen: "Captain Langmar and the Ebon Vanguard stand ready as well."
<Party leader>: "Are you going to undergo the rite, Ogden?"
Ogden Stonehealer: "Not I. Those who undergo the rite are changed in both body AND mind."
Ogden Stonehealer: "I will stay with you, for the moment."
Jalis Ironhammer: "The Great Dwarf's power is upon you all!"
Jalis Ironhammer: "The final battle lies before us! Great Destroyer against Great Dwarf!"
Jalis Ironhammer: "In victory, the Dwarves will be changed forevermore!"
Jalis Ironhammer: "We are ALL the Great Dwarf now!"
"Hurrah! For Deldrimor!"

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