Jora's Curse

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Jora's Curse
Plays during Tracking the Nornbear
Region Far Shiverpeaks
Location Attack of the Nornbear
Campaign Eye of the North

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Major characters[edit]

Minor characters[edit]


<Party leader>: "What is this creature, Jora? You seem to know a lot about it."
Jora: "I know all too much, I am afraid."
Jora: "My brother and I were both hunters. One day, we chased our prey across Drakkar Lake, a place our people normally shun."

Svanir: "Do you feel it, Jora? Something in the air."
Jora: "All I feel is a chill harsher than any blizzard."
Svanir: "Yes, it is cold. But it also feels ancient. Old and powerful."
Jora: "This place is cursed, Svanir. Let us leave it."
Svanir: "No. A simple spell should reveal the nature of the power."
Jora: "I do not know what we contacted that day, but its energies nearly consumed us."
Jora: "I resisted the power, and was cursed by it. I cannot embrace the wild. I can no longer become the bear."
Jora: "My brother seized the power and went mad. He was transformed. He became the creature you fought."

Jora: "My brother now raids the Norn settlements. He avoids me, though I pursue him."
Jora: "I communed with the bear spirit. She wishes you to aid me."
<Party leader>: "You want us to help find your brother."
Jora: "No. I want you to help me kill him."


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