The Battlefield

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The Battlefield
Plays during Search for the Ebon Vanguard
Region Charr Homelands
Location Grothmar Wardowns
Campaign Eye of the North

The Battlefield cinematic still.jpg
Captain Langmar's Helmet


Major Characters[edit]

Minor Characters[edit]


Ogden Stonehealer: "There was a great fight here, and recently."
Gwen: "This is Captain Langmar's Helmet. The Ebon Vanguard fell here."
Gwen: "Those damn savages killed them all."
<Party Leader>: "Gwen, I know what you're going through."
Gwen: "No you don't. These animals took everything from me. My parents, my home, my freedom."
Gwen: "The Ebon Vanguard are my friends, my fellow warriors. Now the Charr have taken them as well."
Vekk: "Taken may be the operative word. There is not enough corpses."
<Party Leader>: "You're right Vekk. There's only a handfull of dead bodies. How large was Captain Langmar's force?"
Gwen: "About forty men and women."
Ogden Stonehealder: "So there are survivors. Prisoners more likely."
Gwen: "Death is better than being a prisoner of the Charr. We must make those animals pay. We must go after them."
Vekk: "Then you're in luck bookah. It sounds like they're coming to us."


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