Oola (cinematic)

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Plays during The Elusive Golemancer
Region Tarnished Coast
Location Oola's Lab
Campaign Eye of the North

Oola cinematic still.jpg
Oola and one of her golems


Major Characters[edit]

Minor Characters[edit]


Oola: "So you've come crawling back, Blimm! Did you bring me that flux matrix I need?"
Oola: "You aren't Blimm. Vekk, is that you?"
Vekk: "Greetings, most wise and puissant Oola, Mistress of the Magical Engine."
Oola: "Butter up the other side and pan fry me, Vekk. What do you want?"
Vekk: "I bring word from Council Leader Mamp."
Oola: "That old fossil?"
Vekk: "We need your superior skills for a great project to help all the Asura."
Oola: "HAH! I came down here to get AWAY from "All the Asura." Now scram."
Vekk: "We need your help against the Destroyers."
Oola: "Have you been hit on the head? I said no. Now go away."
<Party leader>: "Well, Vekk, I guess you were right. She's not the one you want."
Vekk: "What are you saying?"
<Party leader>: "Vekk was telling me that older Asura tend to lose their edge. That your skills may have deteriorated."
Oola: "What do you mean? There isn't a better golemancer than yours truly!"
<Party leader>: "Probably, but if you're afraid the challenge is too much..."
Oola: "I'm not afraid of ANY challenge! Let me pack my equipment. I'll show you!"
Oola: "Deteriorated? The nerve!"
Vekk: "Nice job."
<Party leader>: "Not bad for a bookah?"
Vekk: "Couldn't have done better myself."

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