Price of Victory

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Price of Victory
Plays during G.O.L.E.M.
Region Tarnished Coast
Location Riven Earth
Campaign Eye of the North

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Major characters[edit]

Minor characters[edit]


Ogden Stonehealer: "That's a good day's fight!"
Vekk: "It would have been harder without the golems."
<Party leader>: "Gadd and Oola got everything working just in the nick of time."
<Party leader>: "Oola, I was just telling Vekk about your golems."
Oola: "Vekk, I have bad news. It's Gadd."
Vekk: "What's he upset about now?"
Oola: "He...He was trying to boost the power of the last golem."
Vekk: "What are you saying?"
Oola: "There was an explosion. He didn't make it. I'm sorry."
Vekk falls to his knees.
<Party leader>: "I don't understand. They hated each other. They argued all the time."
Oola: "Fathers and sons argue sometimes. That doesn't mean they don't care."

Vekk: "My father believed in the Eternal Alchemy. We are all part of a larger equation."
Vekk: "And so we commend Gadd's remains to that greater equation."
Vekk: "His ashes return to the universe, but his knowledge remains with us."
<Party leader>: "Vekk, we are all sorry."
Vekk: "He died the way he lived: focused on his goal, and consequences be damned. I tried to warn him."
Livia: "I know. I understand the need to protect the ones you love."
Livia: "Always remember, he gave us a great victory."
Vekk: "I don't know how many such victories I can stand."


Vekk's final line is reminiscent of Pyrrhus of Epirus' quote, "One more such victory would utterly undo me."

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