The Hierophant's Stronghold

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The Hierophant's Stronghold
Plays during Assault on the Stronghold
Region Charr Homelands
Location The hierophant's stronghold
Campaign Eye of the North

The Hierophant's Stronghold cinematic still.jpg
A siege devourer


Major Characters[edit]

Minor Characters[edit]


Pyre Fierceshot: "It'll be a tough skull to crack."
Pyre Fierceshot: "The far western approach is guarded by watchtowers. No easy back way in."
Pyre Fierceshot: "Your friends are held in the center. That's also where the Hierophant is keeping his "new gods.""
Pyre Fierceshot: "Then we have the front gate. Heavily fortified, with siege devourers in front.
<Party leader>: "So how do we get in?"
Pyre Fierceshot: "Front door."
Gwen: "Didn't you just say it's heavily fortified?"
Pyre Fierceshot: "I also said the siege devourers are out front. A good place for scaring people off. A bad place for actual defense. We grab them first."
Gwen: "And how do we know you won't just turn on us?"
Pyre Fierceshot: "Dead gods, Mouse! You do not understand us, do you?"
Gwen: "I understand enough. You're animals, savage animals, and I will dance on your graves."
Pyre Fierceshot: "Fear rots her heart."
<Party leader>: "Do you blame her?"
Pyre Fierceshot: "No. She was a prisoner of the Charr. Now she is a prisoner of her fears. Untill she can conquer them, she is no good to any of us."

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