At the Bloodstone

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At the Bloodstone
Plays during Finding the Bloodstone
Region Tarnished Coast
Location Bloodstone Caves
Campaign Eye of the North

At the Bloodstone cinematic still.jpg
Gadd and Livia


Major Characters[edit]

Minor Characters[edit]


Gadd: "I need to extract the essence. Vekk! Bring me a canopic jar!"
Gadd: "No, no, NO! A jar, not a crystal! You idiot!"
Vekk: "You should be using an ether crystal. Extracting with a jar is unsafe."
Gadd: "Don't lecture me about safety! You've always been too timid in your research, Vekk."
Gadd: "You never fail to disappoint me."
Vekk: "I swear, if we didn't need him, I would shove him off a bridge."
Gadd: "I heard that! Livia! Hold this while I make the extraction."
Gadd: "This might hurt a little."
Livia: "If you're extracting the stone's essence, the energies could kill me."
Gadd: "Then get one of the other humans to do it. Don't bother me with trifles."
Livia: "Vekk's right. You should use an ether crystal. It would be safer."
Gadd: "Ether crystals aren't free. Bookahs willing to take the risk are cheaper."
Livia: "That's what you think of my people? They have no value to you?"
Gadd: "Not my problem. Are you going to help or not?"
Livia: "You've had "mishaps" before. You rush things and others pay the price."
Livia: "This is wrong. You're wrong. I refuse to be a part of this. I'm sorry."
Gadd: "Fine! Run off and leave me with the dirty work. Everyone wants results but no one wants to pay the price."
Gadd: "So who do I have to kill to get some decent HELP around here?"



  • Canopic Jars were used by the ancient Egyptians to store vital organs during mummification.

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