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Questions and Answers
Plays during Warband of Brothers
Region Charr Homelands
Location Doomlore Shrine
Campaign Eye of the North

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Torg Bloodspine


Major Characters[edit]

Minor Characters[edit]


Pyre Fierceshot: "You have freed my warband."
Gwen: "And now that we have, you don't need us anymore, right?"
Pyre Fierceshot: "I made a bargain, I shall keep it."
<Party leader>: "So the Charr do have honor."
Pyre Fierceshot: "Honor be damned. A poor warrior abandons his best weapons."
Pyre Fierceshot: "Gron, what have you brought for us?"
Gron Fierceclaw: "You missed this one the first time through. You're getting sloppy."
Torg Bloodspine: "You and your pets will pay for this, Fierceshot."
Pyre Fierceshot: "Probably, but not today. Where are the humans?"
Torg Bloodspine: "Why should I tell you, traitor?"
Pyre Fierceshot: "I'll hobble you. I'll stake you out in the sun. Then I'll turn you over to the mouse, here. She likes to hurt Charr."
Gwen: "Just give me half a chance."
Torg Bloodspine: "The meat . . . the humans . . . are in the south, in the Sacnoth Valley. The Hierophant means to feed them to our new gods."
<Party leader>: "Those are not gods."
Torg Bloodspine: "Do you think we care? What matters is that others think they are."
Pyre Fierceshot: "I know the valley he speaks of. Have you heard enough?"
<Party leader>: "More than enough."
Torg Bloodspine: "Then release me. I'll head north, away from here. I want no part of your petty vengeance."
Pyre Fierceshot: "You forget."
Pyre Fierceshot kills Torg Bloodspine with a single arrow through the throat.
Pyre Fierceshot: "YOU are part of my petty vengeance."
Gwen: "You killed him. Even though he told you what we wanted to know."
Pyre Fierceshot: "He tried to bargain from a position of weakness. He was a fool."
Gwen: "You are savage, treacherous animals!"
Pyre Fierceshot: "You know nothing of my people."

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