Olaf and Ogden

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Olaf and Ogden
Plays during A Gate Too Far
Region Far Shiverpeaks
Location Varajar Fells
Campaign Eye of the North

Olaf and Ogden cinematic still.jpg
Olaf and Ogden


Main characters[edit]


Olaf Olafson: "That was a battle worth fighting! These Destroyers are worthwhile foes."
<Party leader>: "He seems happy."
Jora: "A Norn only does what a Norn chooses to do. Pity a Dwarf does not quite understand that."
Ogden Stonehealer: "So, my friend, will you gather your forces together to fight the Destroyers?"
Olaf Olafson: "I will gladly tell others what wonderful prey they are."
Ogden Stonehealer: "But will you gather an army?"
Olaf Olafson: "Norn have no need of armies. We are Norn."
Ogden Stonehealer: "Great Dwarf give me strength!"
<Party leader>: "Olaf, it was a good hunt. My friend wants to hunt more, but he is not Norn. He needs more people to help."
Olaf Olafson: "Is that all? I know your king, little Dwarf. I can send a message to him. Will that do?"
Ogden Stonehealer: "Yes. Yes! That will!"
Olaf calls out to a raven.
Olaf Olafson: "I will send a message to Jalis Ironhammer."
Olaf Olafson: "I will tell him to meet you near the human encampment, near your Eye of the North. It will take some time."
Ogden Stonehealer: "I don't know what to say."
<Party leader>: "I do. Thank you Olaf, seventh son of Olaf, You [sic] have done us a great favor. You are welcome to hunt Destroyers any time."
Olaf Olafson: "Just try and stop me. Off you go!"

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