Blood Washes Blood (cinematic)

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Blood Washes Blood
Plays during Flames of the Bear Spirit
Region Far Shiverpeaks
Location Jaga Moraine
Campaign Eye of the North

Blood Washes Blood cinematic still.jpg
The Bear shrine


Major characters[edit]

Minor characters[edit]


Egil Fireteller: "I call upon Bear for her blessing. I call upon Bear for her power. I call upon Bear for her strength."
Egil Fireteller: "Stand before Bear and state your plea."
Jora: "I am Jora. My brother erred most grievously. I seek to redeem my family's name."
Egil Fireteller: "To rebuild your family's name, you must regain your family's homestead."
Egil Fireteller: "Yet only tragedy may come from a home built with blood-stained hands."
Egil Fireteller: "Wash clean your sins. Blood washes blood."
Jora: "Blood washes blood."
Egil Fireteller: "Walk in the path of Bear. Receive her gifts."
Jora: "Walk in the path of Bear."
Egil Fireteller: "You know what must be done. Go with the bear spirit."
Jora: "I understand. Thank you."
Vekk: "You understand? Could you bring the rest of us up to speed?"
Jora: "Blood washes blood. To restore my family's name we must retake my family's lands."
Jora: "These lands lie to the east, and have been overrun by Charr. We must slay them."
Gwen: "Killing Charr? Count us in."
Jora: "I thought as much. We must follow the bear spirit to her shrine. Then we will confront the invaders."
Jora: "We will restore my family's name. Blood washes blood."

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