The Second Vision

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Destroyers Lurk in the Dark
Plays during Against the Destroyers
Region Depths of Tyria
Location Hall of Monuments
Campaign Eye of the North

Destroyers Lurk in the Dark cinematic still.jpg
I think you found their home.


Major characters[edit]

Minor characters[edit]


Gwen: "Any luck?"
<Party leader>: "I'm trying to get a specific vision."
<Party leader>: "These Destroyers are coming up from below. They have to have some underground home. Some cavern they all come from."
Gwen: "And if we find the cavern, we can seal it up. Good plan."
<Party leader>: "So far it has been resisting."
Gwen: "Congratulations. I think you found their home. The question is, where is it?"


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