The Knowledgeable Asura

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The Knowledgeable Asura
The Knowledgeable Asura page.jpg
Section Primary Asura Quests
Campaign Eye of the North
Given by Obtained automatically
in Ice Cliff Chasms
(Far Shiverpeaks)
Part of Against the Destroyers
Followed by Heart of the Shiverpeaks
Trial of Zinn
Type Primary quest

The Knowledgeable Asura provides overview for the Asura story arc.

Quest information[edit]




Reaching Vlox's Falls:

  • If starting from Olafstead, journey south-west through Varajar Fells to Verdant Cascades. Continue traveling west to Umbral Grotto.
  • For new characters starting from the Eye of the North, you can travel west into Battledepths then follow the northern route to reach Varajar Fells. The mini map will display where the exit is.
  • From Umbral Grotto, travel through the dungeon Vloxen Excavations to the south western exit on level 1. Be wary of rolling boulders, they will instantly kill anything in their path.
  • After the cinematic, adventurers will find themselves in Vlox's Falls. From here on, the story branches into three separate quest chains.

Recruiting Gadd:

Take the quest Finding Gadd from Livia. Upon completion, you are offered the quest Finding the Bloodstone. Finish it to recruit Gadd.

Enlisting Oola:

Take the quest Lab Space from Lork. It will lead you to Rata Sum. On your way there, consider making a little detour to advance Renk's quest chain (see below) or to unlock Tarnished Haven. Either way, completing Lab Space will directly lead to The Elusive Golemancer, gaining the support from Oola.

Acquiring Renk:

Take the quest A Little Help from Plaxx. As mentioned above, the first objective can be completed on your way to Rata Sum. The remaining objectives can only be completed after recruiting the other two Asura, making Renk the final addition to your krewe.

Fighting the destroyers:

When turning in the last quest at Mamp, pick the follow-up quest, Genius Operated Living Enchanted Manifestation, and complete it.

Talk to Mamp again to finish the asuran storyline and claim your reward.


Initial dialogue[edit]

(Ice Cliff Chasms)
Gain Asuran aid against the Destroyers.

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

"There's no time to lose, bookah. To have any chance at all, we need the knowledge of my people. You can reach my homelands in the Vloxen Excavations. That should take us where we need to go."

The Asura Plan plays on completion of the third objective.

Reward dialogue[edit]

"These new golems will be invaluable in defending against the Destroyers. We will continue to refine them, and be willing to help you! Please give the bookahs, I mean humans, at your Eye of the North our warmest support."


  • Upon completion of the quest, you are automatically under the effect of Call of the Eye.
  • Despite the third objective asking the player to journey through the Asura Gate in the Vloxen Excavations, the objective is considered complete and the cinematic will begin if the player is able to enter Vlox's Falls from Arbor Bay.