A Little Help

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A Little Help
Section Primary Asura Quests
Campaign Eye of the North
Given by Plaxx
in Vlox's Falls
(Tarnished Coast)
Part of The Knowledgeable Asura
Followed by Genius Operated Living Enchanted Manifestation
Type Primary quest
A little help map1.jpg
Map 1: Path from Rata Sum to initial meeting with Renk
A Little Help alternate map.jpg
Map 1a: Alternative route with fewer foes.
A little help map2.jpg
Map 2: Path to Renk after recruiting Gadd and Oola
A Little Help alternate map 2.jpg
Map 2a: Alternative route to Renk from Tarnished Haven.

Seek out Renk and gain his support and help for the G.O.L.E.M. project.

Quest information[edit]




This is a 3 part quest that begins with finding Renk, recruiting both Gadd and Oola (each requiring two more quests), and meeting up again with Renk.

Part 1: The quest begins after speaking with Plaxx in Vlox's Falls. Map travel to Rata Sum and either follow the quest marker east (map 1) or taking the alternative route with fewer foes (map 1a). You will find Renk by the base of the great waterfalls.

Part 2: Next, you recruit both Gadd and Oola (in any order): Gadd requires completion of Finding Gadd and Finding the Bloodstone; Oola's recruitment requires Lab Space and The Elusive Golemancer.

Part 3: Return to Rata Sum and exit into Magus Stones, follow quest map 2. Along the way, you will encounter 24 spiders (rangers, paragons, and monks); there are five groups, two of which are popups. You can directly zone into Alcazia Tangle or considering first killing the nearby group of Krait to obtain an additional Asura rank bonus.

From the portal in Alcazia Tangle, cross the bridge and head south to southeast. This area is populated with Dinosaurs, the first of which you'll meet is 3 dervish Ferothrax on a patrol. The second patrol group you'll encounter is a Raptor group with the assassin boss, Pywatt the Swift.

From here, take the lower southern path. Hug the right stone wall and be wary of patrolling Raptors. After a short distance, turn right into a passage littered with Asuran corpses. Renk is here with a group of 4 Destroyers. Although your foes will also target Renk, you can safely ignore him because he will self-resurrect.

Alternatively, you can map to Tarnished Haven and follow the alternative route (map 2a) to Renk.

Speak with Renk one last time, then travel to Rata Sum and speak to Mamp for your reward.


Alcazia Tangle, spawns active only for later objectives, except Oggy and the girls removed for all objectives.



  • Warrior 20 Renk (also in Riven Earth during early objectives only)
  • Unknown 20 Asura (dead)

(normal allies removed)




Initial dialogue[edit]


We need Renk for the G.O.L.E.M. project. He's bright...intelligent, even. Lately, he's been hanging around Riven Earth researching the flow patterns of mountain waterfalls. Apparently he sees patterns in things where others just see chaos. It seems odd, I know, but you never know what these geniuses will find interesting. Find him and bring him aboard. I'm sure he'll want to help us.

Yes Accept: "I'm here to serve all your staffing needs."
No Decline: "He got a better offer elsewhere."
Ask Ask: "Renk has been spending time in Riven Earth. Check the waterfalls."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Riven Earth[edit]


Yes, this G.O.L.E.M. project is exactly what we need to take care of those blasted Destroyers. I'll head to my lab to begin the preliminary work. See me once Gadd and Oola have joined us. Their expertise will be invaluable.

Alcazia Tangle[edit]

<Party leader>: By the gods! Hang in there, Renk!
Vekk: These unprovoked Destroyer raids are unforgivable! (if Vekk is in the party)

Thank you. Those Destroyers appeared out of nowhere. Pay no mind to my injuries...I'll live. But my research for the G.O.L.E.M. project is incomplete. I... I haven't determined the final calibrations. There isn't much time. Go. Take my findings to Mamp in Rata Sum. He's in charge at the golem foundry. They must finish my work!

Reward dialogue[edit]


Renk is a perfectionist. His injuries must have been grave for him to pass his tasks on to others. Gadd and Oola are working at the golem foundry, finishing the preparations. Perhaps they can make sense of Renk's work. Speak to me when you're ready to visit the foundry.


  • You can actually complete Finding the Bloodstone and The Elusive Golemancer before initiating A Little Help. However, the story is written with the intent that A Little Help is initiated first.