Before the Battle

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Before the Battle
Plays during G.O.L.E.M.
Region Tarnished Coast
Location Riven Earth
Campaign Eye of the North

Before the Battle cinematic still.jpg
The golem forge


Major Characters[edit]


<Party leader>: "Livia, I'm sorry about you and Gadd."
Livia: "I learned a great deal from him that can help Kryta. Tell me, have you ever heard of the Scepter of Orr?"
Vekk: "Just stop yelling and look at my calculations!"
Gadd: "I don't need to look at your calculations. I know it will work."
Vekk: "Well, the rest of us don't share your confidence."
<Party leader>: "What's the problem now?"
Gadd: "This HACK is telling me I don't know how to format a crystal array!"
Vekk: "I'm TRYING to say that you run a greater risk putting the crystals in a serial pattern than in parallel."
Gadd: "You'll get twice the power this way."
Vekk: "That's too much power, too fast! You'd flood the enchantment buffers."
Gadd: "Don't lecture me! I was formatting crystals before you were born."
<Party leader>: "Both of you, quiet! If you want to achieve anything, you have to stop squabbling."
Lork: "Vekk! Gadd! The Destroyers!"
Gadd: "What now?"
Lork: "The Destroyers! They're coming up from below! Hordes of them!"
Vekk: "We're almost done with the golems, but we're not ready yet."
<Party leader>: "We can hold them off."
Vekk: "Should I come with you?"
Gadd: "Go, go. You're just underfoot here."
Vekk: "Remember: parallel, not serial!"
Gadd: "Yes, yes. So noted."
Gadd: "How do they expect me to get any work done with all these interruptions?"

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