The Warband

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The Warband
Plays during The Dawn of Rebellion
Region Charr Homelands
Location Dalada Uplands
Campaign Eye of the North

The Warband cinematic still.jpg
Gron and Bonwor


Major Characters[edit]

Minor Characters[edit]


Gwen: "So where are your friends, Charr?"
Pyre Fierceshot: "Gron! Bonwor! Show your mangy hides!"
<Party leader>: "We didn't see them."
Pyre Fierceshot: "And you wouldn't, unless they wanted it that way."
Gron Fierceclaw: "Pyre! You should be dead!"
Pyre Fierceshot: "That was the Hierophant's plan. It didn't take."
Gron Fierceclaw: "And now you're reduced to working with meat. How the son of Vatlaaw has fallen."
Gwen: "Watch. He's going to turn on us now that his friends are here."
<Party leader>: "Is this your warband, Pyre?"
Gron Fierceclaw: "I am Gron Fierceclaw. This is Bonwor Fierceblade."
Pyre Fierceshot: "Who else of the band lives?"
Gron Fierceclaw: "Sear [sic]. Cowl. Roan. The priests have taken them below."
Pyre Fierceshot: "Then we must follow. I'll need you two to stand watch out here, Gron."
Gwen: "We can't let them go!"
Pyre Fierceshot: "I thought you didn't like having my friends around, mouse."
Gwen: "Give me an excuse and I will cut you down. You and your friends."
<Party leader>: "Gwen, stand down. Pyre, we want to recover our men."
Pyre Fierceshot: "And you will. But for the moment you must trust me a bit longer. We must work together."

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