The Dawn of Rebellion

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The Dawn of Rebellion
Section Primary Ebon Vanguard Quests
Campaign Eye of the North
Given by Pyre Fierceshot
in Grothmar Wardowns
(Charr Homelands)
Part of The Missing Vanguard
Preceded by Against the Charr
Followed by Warband of Brothers
Type Primary quest
The Dawn of Rebellion map.jpg
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The Dawn of Rebellion quest guides the player from the Against the Charr quest into Dalada Uplands and then into the town of Doomlore Shrine, with the help of Pyre Fierceshot who is able to open the lock into Doomlore Shrine.

Quest information[edit]




Taking a Siege Devourer with you (from Grothmar Wardowns) will make killing Scorch Maulclaw a great deal easier, as his mob can wipe an inexperienced party fairly quickly.

After completing Against the Charr make your way through the band of Charr and mantids to Dalada Uplands. Enter Dalada Uplands and make your way through a band of Charr Seekers to the entrance of Doomlore Shrine, which is closed with Charr Lock. Defeat the group of Charr guards and the hunter that appears there. Then, have Pyre Fierceshot open the lock to Doomlore Shrine. He can die, and if he does, zone back to Grothmar Wardowns and he'll reappear again. Defeat the three parties of Charr, including the final party boss, Scorch Maulclaw, to complete the quest.

For characters that have been run to Doomlore Shrine, it is possible to just map travel there as soon as you take the quest. This saves you the hassle of fighting/running there; once you map travel, just walk out of the town to continue with the quest. However, keep in mind that when you zone outside, you will be on top of all the Charr protecting the entrance. Defeating Scorch Maulclaw will end the quest, so focus on killing him.




Dalada Uplands




Interactive objects[edit]


Initial dialogue[edit]

Pyre Fierceshot
"If we are to find your Ebon Vanguard, we must first rescue my warband. I have have fought alongside them since birth. Like me, they have been branded as heretics by Hierophant Burntsoul, who sent the Charr Shaman Scorch Maulclaw to hunt us. My warband is now held by Maulclaw's chief torturer, Flamemaster Maultooth.
The Shamans once led us in worshiping [sic] the Titans, but with the death of those false gods they now seek to install a new set of deities...the beasts you call Destroyers.
Scorch's base is at Doomlore Shrine, northeast of here. Rescue my friends and we may find where Burntsoul has taken yours."
Yes Accept: "Charr worshipping Destroyers? That's madness! We must help [sic]"
No Decline: "I'll never trust the word of a Charr. Do it yourself."
Ask Ask: "Scorch Maulclaw and his Destroyer-worshipping followers must die. See to this and I will help you."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Reaching Doomlore Shrine.

Pyre Fireceshot: I'll keep this gate open. Find Scorch Maulclaw and tear out his spleen! (quote)
Scorch Maulclaw: Kill the humans!

The Warband plays on the death of Maultooth.

Reward dialogue[edit]

Gron Fierceclaw
"I enjoyed watching you toy with your prey, mouse. Unlike other humans, you are more than just a walking, smiling meal. I'm almost impressed by the ruthless way you handled my Destroyer-worshipping kindred. Almost."


  • Pyre will join your party as an ally when you accept this quest.
Bug Bug.Pyre may not open the gate, or you might find it closed if you take too long to cross it. You may be able to get Pyre to open the gate by clicking on the Charr lock (switch) in front of the gate.
If you find yourself locked outside, rezone and try again.