The Missing Vanguard

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The Missing Vanguard
The Missing Vanguard page.jpg
Section Primary Ebon Vanguard Quests
Campaign Eye of the North
Given by Automatically (listed as Gwen)
in Ice Cliff Chasms
(Far Shiverpeaks)
Part of Against the Destroyers
Followed by Heart of the Shiverpeaks
A Good Deed.
Failure to Communicate
Fire and Pain
The Smell of Titan in the Morning
Then and Now, Here and There
Watch it Jiggle
Type Primary quest

The Missing Vanguard provides overview for the Ebon Vanguard story arc.

Quest information[edit]




Travel to Longeye's Ledge, and speak to Olfun Longeye. Then follow the quest chain which starts with Search for the Ebon Vanguard. See the walkthroughs for the individual quests in the chain for further details.


Initial dialogue[edit]

Ally with the Ebon Vanguard to fight the Destroyers.

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Olfun Longeye (located in Longeye's Ledge)

What's that? The Ebon Vanguard? That rag-tag bunch of humans passed through here not too long ago, muttering something about fighting Charr. I've got no problem with that just so long as they don't do it here.
I heard some fighting downhill a few nights ago southeast of here. From what I heard, it was a large battle. Keep your eyes open; it's likely you'll find some gear and weapons you can scavenge. If you find a nice axe, let me know.
Yes Thank you for the information. We'll focus our search to the southeast, and keep our eyes open. (Accepting updates The Missing Vanguard, and adds Search for the Ebon Vanguard.
No I think we'll make camp here for a while. You have a nice view.

Reward dialogue[edit]

Captain Langmar
Thank you for rescuing us, <Character name>. Gwen told me that you went through on our behalf. It seems you and Gwen had quite the adventure. Rest assured, you may count on the Ebon Vanguard to aid you in the future.


  • Upon completion of the quest, you will be under the effect of Call of the Eye the next time you enter a non-outpost instance.