Search for the Ebon Vanguard

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Search for the Ebon Vanguard
Section Primary Ebon Vanguard Quests
Campaign Eye of the North
Given by Olfun Longeye
in Longeye's Ledge
(Far Shiverpeaks)
Part of The Missing Vanguard
Followed by Against the Charr
Type Primary quest
Search for the Ebon Vanguard map.jpg
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Investigate the battle Olfun heard for signs of the Ebon Vanguard.

Quest information[edit]




After exiting Longeye's Ledge head east down the path until you reach the Tattered Vanguard Clothing which is behind the Black Wolf, after that head south, there you will reach the Vanguard Helmet. Examine it to complete the quest. Alternatively, heading south will encounter an Old Campfire, which will direct you east towards the Vanguard Helmet.

Since examining the Tattered Vanguard Clothing is not a requirement, your party can go directly to the Vanguard Helmet after exiting Longeye's Ledge.


Initial dialogue[edit]

Olfun Longeye
What's that? The Ebon Vanguard? That rag-tag bunch of humans passed through here not too long ago, muttering something about fighting Charr. I've got no problem with that just so long as they don't do it here.
I heard some fighting downhill a few nights ago southeast of here. From what I heard, it was a large battle. Keep your eyes open; it's likely you'll find some gear and weapons you can scavenge. If you find a nice axe, let me know.
Yes Accept: "Thank you for the information. We'll focus our search to the southeast, and keep our eyes open."
No Decline: "I think we'll make camp here for a while. You have a nice view."
Ask Ask: "I told you all I know, human. If your Vanguard was in that battle, you'll find where they fought to the southeast."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Vanguard Helmet
You can tell a great battle took place on this spot. Below you is a battered and broken Vanguard helmet. The Ebon Vanguard definitely fought here. You should examine the helmet more closely.


  • Be sure to let each member of your team complete the quest before you begin the next step or they will not receive credit for the mini mission.
  • If you do examine the helmet more closely, you will automatically start the next primary quest in the Ebon Vanguard chain, Against the Charr.