Then and Now, Here and There

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Then and Now, Here and There
Section Far Shiverpeaks Quests
Campaign Eye of the North

(Tyrian only)

Given by Gwen
in Hall of Monuments
(Far Shiverpeaks)
Required hero Gwen
Preceded by The Missing Vanguard
Type Secondary quest
Then and Now, Here and There Diessa Lowlands map.png
Path to Temple in Diessa Lowlands, from Nolani Academy
Dahgar the Eye of Flame map.jpg
Path to Dahgar, the Eye of Flame, from Sardelac Sanitarium

Return to Ascalon for the final time to search for a relic of a young girl's past, and defeat the tyrant that embittered her so.

Quest information[edit]



  • Travel to the ruins in Diessa Lowlands.
  • Defeat the Charr guarding the ruins to free the prisoners. You have [4...0] group[s] remaining.
  • Reassure the Charr's prisoners.
  • Find Dahgar the Eye of Flame in Old Ascalon and destroy him.
  • Find Gwen's hidden treasure in the ruins of Ashford.
  • Bring news of the Charr's defeat to Duke Barradin in Piken Square.



  1. Starting from Nolani Academy, which is the closest outpost to the quest, go to Diessa Lowlands and make your way to quest marker. Once there, clear the temple and approach the prisoners.
  2. Map travel to Sardelac Sanitarium, go outside to Old Ascalon and head to the cave in the south-east. Slay Dahgar the Eye of Flame.
  3. Go to the former pig fencing (follow the quest marker) and kneel in the middle of it. You will receive Gwen's Flute.
  4. Claim your reward from Duke Barradin in Piken Square.









Initial dialogue[edit]

"Ah, «player», how I treasured this little shred of tapestry as a child. I remember the day I gave it to you. For you to have held on to it for so many years… well, it warms my heart to know that I was not forgotten. Please, allow me to hold it once more. I wish to keep it as a token of our friendship. So long as I hold this, I will know that there are some things in life that cannot be taken away from you.
There's something I'd like to give you in return. I didn't think the day would come for me to say this, but we must return to my home… our home… Ascalon. We must head to the Diessa Lowlands, where I was held prisoner for a time. I have something hidden there, that I want you to have. Will you accompany me?"
Yes Accept: "Together again!"
No Decline: "I don't have time for childish fancies."
Ask Ask: "I must make amends. That journey begins in the Diessa Lowlands in Ascalon."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

On arrival at the old temple

Gwen: "These ruins were once a great temple. I think that's why the Charr used it as a temporary prison. Every passing second, our presence was a reminder of a destroyed past and a denied future, build on top of a monument to our broken faith."
Gwen: "I have never known a creature more hateful than the Charr. Had I not escaped from them, I would be dead by now. Or worse, a prisoner."
Gwen: "Before the Ebon Vanguard found me, I was little more than a scavenger. Although I had an empty stomach, my mind was filled with thoughts of vengeance."
Gwen: "Now that I find myself here, these broken pillars do not seem as tall and frightening as they once did. Wait, do you hear that? There are people here! If the Charr are still using this place to hold prisoners, then we must free them!"

After rescuing the Prisoners

Duke Barradin: "Hail! To whom do we owe our lives?"
Gwen: "We are from the Ebon Vanguard."
Duke Barradin: "The Ebon Vanguard! It has been long since we heard word from them. We thought you had all been lost."
Gwen: "Not destroyed, just beset upon on all sides by foes. I see the Charr still plague these lands…."
Farrah Cappo: "We have continued to fight these monsters since the Searing, and for a time we were gaining ground. But lately, the Charr have become fiercer, unlike those we have fought in the past. Every day, they push further into our lands."
Duke Barradin: "The Charr nearly sit outside of Ascalon City's walls. If we do not fight, then who will? Unfortunately we were overrun, which is how we came to find ourselves here… I will have the head of Dahgar the Eye of Flame yet."
Gwen: "Wait… you couldn't have… did you say Dahgar the Eye of Flame?"
Duke Barradin: "I did. He's the monster that lead these Charr into a renewed assault on our lands. Does the name mean something to you, lass?"
Gwen: "Yes… yes, it means something. Do you have any idea where that demon is?"
Farrah Cappo: "When we last saw him, he was heading towards Old Ascalon. Our unit was not enough to stop him. If he has reached the walls, I fear for the safety of Ascalon City."
Gwen: "Then we must go to Old Ascalon at once!"

Finding Dahgar

Dahgar the Eye of Flame: "So predictable… Threaten their holes, and all the little mice scamper out."
Gwen: "Silence, you thrice-damned monster! I will have your heart in compensation for the one that you broke!"

Defeating Dahgar

Gwen: "As a child, I found myself haunted by his remorseless eyes staring into my own… and then nothingness. When the world appeared to me again, I was seeing it for the first time as a prisoner. For all of the horrors I witnessed while under the captivity of the Charr, few compare to the murderous visage of the one who took me from everything that I knew. That was Dahgar."
Gwen: "You will torment me no longer, demon. As you have taken from me, I have taken from you. A life for a life."
Gwen: "But I must apologize… I did not mean to drag you here for my own personal vendetta. There is something I mean to give you, but I had to see to the safety of my homeland first. Come, we go to the ruins of Ashford… to my old home."

Arriving at the old pig pen

Gwen: "There was something that I buried here… I don't remember exactly where. Could you kneel down and help me search?"

After kneeling

Gwen: "Do you remember this? It is the flute you gave me all those years ago. I lost the broken pieces of my first flute in the Searing, and did not want to lose your gift."
Gwen: "I hid it here in the hopes that it would not be lost to me after the Searing....
Gwen: "As you allowed me to keep this tapestry shred, allow me to return to you the flute, as a sign of our friendship. We have lost a great deal, but some things will endure. We will see this war through to its end. We will bring peace to these lands, and I will see them as beautiful as they once were."
Gwen: "There are many battles ahead, . [sic] We should see Duke Barradin in Piken Square, and deliver him the news of the Charr's defeat. After that, we should return to the north. The Ebon Vanguard… and the future that we need to forge, are waiting for us!"

Reward dialogue[edit]

Duke Barradin
"You say that Dahgar the Eye of Flame is dead? Perhaps defeating a monster so terrible as that will break the will of the Charr that followed him. Ascalon will continue to do what she always has: fight to protect herself, and her own. Do not worry yourself with our affairs, «player». I know that you may have your own battles to fight. May Dwayna watch over you and illuminate the paths you walk upon."


  • Accepting this quest will cost you the Tapestry Shred and/or Tattered Girl's Cape.
  • Gwen's treasure is actually her flute, which you receive during the quest.
  • When the quest objective reads "Find Gwen's hidden treasure in the ruins of Ashford", go to the spot marked on the map, and then use the '/kneel' command. You will receive Gwen's Flute when doing so.
  • Gwen's Broken Flute found in Old Ascalon is not related to this quest.
  • As the flute is obtained during the quest, you can repeat the quest by abandoning it in an outpost. Therefore you are able to obtain multiple flutes.


  • The quest name is a reference to Ima, Soko ni Iru Boku (source), known in English as Now and Then, Here and There, which is an anime series with strong themes of travesties in wartime, mainly children conscripted into war.