Tapestry Shred

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Tapestry Shred
Tapestry Shred.png
Rarity Common
Type Quest item
Value Can't be sold
Stackable Yes
Campaign Prophecies
Quest item for Then and Now, Here and There
Crimson Skull Cape.jpg

The Tapestry Shred is a piece of the young Gwen's cape, given to the player as a sign of affection. Years later it can be used in several quests.


The Tapestry Shred can only be obtained by winning Gwen's favor in pre-Searing Ascalon. This requires giving her a combination of items: the Broken Flute, a new Flute, a Small Girl's Cape, or Red Iris Flowers; the last item given must be an iris. The least expensive combination is the broken flute, the replacement flute, and 3 irises.

To get the shred you must initiate conversation with her after giving her these items, but without any of the items in your inventory, such as extra Red Iris Flowers (which you can temporarily drop on the ground first).


The shred can be used to obtain one of two quests:

To obtain either quest, complete the Primary Vanguard Quests, then visit Gwen in the Hall of Monuments. The shred will be removed from the inventory when you accept either quest.


  • Gwen will notice that you have the shred, if you speak to her in the Hall of Monuments. She will say, I can't believe you held onto that for so long. But with the Ebon Vanguard missing, my own past must be put aside for now. We'll have time for this matter after my friends are rescued.
  • This item can be transferred between characters, however only Guild Wars Prophecies characters can obtain 'Then and Now, Here and There'.
Anomaly Anomaly.Gwen will not give you the shred while you have extra flowers in your inventory. If the last item you gave was an iris (and you think you have earned her favor), drop the remaining flowers and talk to her again.
Bug Bug. There is a viral bug with this quest: the shred cannot ever be obtained by a character who has exited Ascalon with any character who (a) has received the shred or (b) has been the member of such a group. There are three work-arounds: (1) Do not join a party with any other character until yours has the shred; (2) create a new pre-Searing character to obtain a shred; (3) buy the shred from another player.
Bug Bug.A stack of two or more Tapestry Shreds appears singular in its description, e.g. 2 Tapestry Shred.


  • Originally, pre-Searing Gwen would take all your flowers at once (giving you only credit for a single iris). This was corrected in a game update.

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