Gwen's Broken Flute

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Gwen's Broken Flute
Gwen's Broken Flute.jpg
Type Focus item
Campaign(s) Prophecies
Value Can't be sold
Salvage Not salvageable
Inventory icon Gwen's Broken Flute.png

Gwen's Broken Flute is the post-Searing counterpart of the flute that Gwen lost in pre-Searing. It can be equipped in your offhand, although it does not appear to have any effect.



  • If the flute is in your inventory when you speak to Gwen prior to completing The Missing Vanguard, she will say "I appreciate that you kept these relics of my past, but we must put them aside for now." Then she continues the normal dialogue about the Ebon Vanguard.
  • Do not confuse this with the similarly named Broken Flute, one of Gwen's pre-Searing possessions and the target of her quest, Gwen's Flute