The Smell of Titan in the Morning

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The Smell of Titan in the Morning
Section Charr Homelands Quests
Campaign Eye of the North
Given by Captain Langmar
in Grothmar Wardowns
(Charr Homelands)
Preceded by The Missing Vanguard
Type Secondary quest
The Smell of Titan in the Morning map.jpg
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The Ebon Vanguard have spotted a Titan in Sacnoth Valley and you are assigned to slay it.

Quest information[edit]




The easiest way to complete this quest is to map travel to Doomlore Shrine and leave from there. Go directly south from the entrance until you find a hostile Siege Devourer. Kill it and its Charr rider, then mount it. Fight your way south-southeast through Dalada Uplands to get to Sacnoth Valley. After zoning you will still be riding the Devourer, which will make this quest much easier. Head south until you reach a burning forest. There you will find Ignus the Eternal. While approaching him watch out for Borrguus Blisterbark who patrols the area. Fighting both bosses at the same time will probably kill your team. Avoid the brightly burning trees, both upright and fallen, otherwise you will begin burning if you get too close. After you kill Ignus the Eternal head back to Captain Langmar for your reward.

As you will be fighting lots of fire Elementalists, skills such as interrupts, Mantra of Flame and Ward Against Elements are good choices.



Elementals (Djinn)




Initial dialogue[edit]

Captain Langmar

"You there, <Character Name>. Our scouts have sent word of a towering beast to the south, one that leaves naught but all-consuming flames in its wake. This can only be a Titan, which leaves us all to long before it turns north? We cannot fight such a foe when our hands are already full of Charr. I would have you travel to Sacnoth Valley and slay this Titan. Go, before we're all extra crispy."
Yes Accept: "This is one eternal flame that's about to go out."
No Decline: "I think I'll leave the fire-walking to professionals."
Ask Ask: "Look for the living inferno in Sacnoth Valley. The Titan's flames will consume everything if it is not stopped. Trees, fluffy bunnies...everything!"

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

When approaching Ignus:

Gwen: "Is this the last of the "gods" the Charr worship? We must destroy it! They deserve no deities." (if present)
Pyre Fierceshot: "A false god stands before us. We shall see if it can stand against the harsh realities of my wrath!" (if present)

Reward dialogue[edit]

Captain Langmar

"You say the Titan is dispatched, but the fires still burn? Perhaps in time we can find a way to quench the flames, but I am too preoccupied with Charr now to worry about that. We will simply have to sacrifice the forest. Your victory over the Titan has assured our safety. For that we are grateful."


  • While Pyre Fierceshot is in range of any of the creatures spawned by the quest, he will automatically resurrect after approximately 3 seconds with the cry of "A false god stands before us. We shall see if it can stand against the harsh realities of my wrath!" If there are a lot of enemies surrounding him when this occurs he is likely to be overwhelmed very quickly by their numbers. It may be necessary to flag him a sufficient distance away so that the enemies that trigger this move away, allowing the party to resurrect fully at the active shrine.
  • With the Quest Falling Out active, NPC Jenn Valefield will accompany you on the way towards the burning forest. She won't be targeted by the Elementalists and her Heal Area will help against the area damage.


  • The quest name is a reference to a quote from the film Apocalypse Now (source): "I love the smell of napalm in the morning!"