Gadd (cinematic)

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Plays during Finding Gadd
Region Tarnished Coast
Location Sparkfly Swamp
Campaign Eye of the North

Gadd cinematic still.jpg
Gadd and Vekk


Major Characters[edit]

Minor Characters[edit]


Gadd: "I want this done well. I want this done right. And I want this done fast."
Gadd: "I don't want any screwups. I don't want any back talk."
Gadd: "I'm looking at you Vekk. You hear me?"
Vekk: "Yeah, yeah."
Gadd: "Questions? No? Let's go."
Vekk: "He's everything I said, and less."
Livia: "He's not that bad. He's very smart."
Vekk: "And doesn't let a minute go by without reminding you of it."
<Party leader>: "Gadd is pretty abrasive. How did you end up working with him?"
Livia: "In the wake of the White Mantle, my home, Kryta, is wracked by civil war."
Livia: "Factions and subfactions are destroying our nation."
Livia: "We are seeking new ways, new magics, new allies in order to tip the balance and finally bring peace."
<Party leader>: "And this cranky old Asura is a potential ally?"
Vekk: "Hah! All he cares about is his reputation. Tell me, how many of your people has he injured with his experiments? How many have quit?"
Livia: "A few. But I've learned a great deal about Necromancy in the short time I've known him. It's worth dealing with his temper and his demands."
<Party leader>: "A small sacrifice for a greater good?"
Livia: "We all make sacrifices. I would sacrifice ten times over if it would protect my people."

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