Hierophant's Stronghold

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Hierophant's Stronghold
Hierophant Burntsoul's stronghold.jpg
Campaign Eye of the North
Region Charr Homelands
Type Landmark

Situated in Sacnoth Valley in the far southern domains of the Charr homelands, this heavily defended fortification serves as the forward base of Hierophant Burntsoul, a prominent leader among the Charr Shaman caste. Since the demise of the Titans, the Shamans seek new, more powerful patrons to serve as their deities in order cement [sic] control over the Charr legions.

The stronghold dominates a narrow pass between two rock outcroppings and is protected by towers and siege devourers. The Charr excavated the surrounding outcroppings and use them as containment pens for prisoners and other, darker things.

Hierophant Burntsoul is relenteless in his desire to hold onto his power and will go to any lengths necessary to guarantee success. He would choose to leave no survivors rather than let the Charr fall under any other leadership.

— PC Gamer

The Hierophant's Stronghold is, as the name implies, the stronghold in which Hierophant Burntsoul resides. It is located in Sacnoth Valley and can only be accessed after the completion of Assault on the Stronghold. Within the center of the stronghold resides a pit for prisoners and a large cauldron that resembles the Cauldron of Cataclysm.

It is one of last remaining bastions of the Shaman-ruled Charr society. It is also the site where Pyre Fierceshot sparked a revolution, upsetting the status quo which was maintained under the Shaman caste rule.

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