Flux Matrix

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Flux Matrix
The appearance of the Flux Matrix when empty
Drop skill Flux Overload.jpg Flux Overload
Single-use No
Campaign Eye of the North

A Flux Matrix is a bundle conveniently found on the ground near the Indestructible Golem during The Elusive Golemancer and Malfunctioning Enduring Golem in Oola's Lab. They are designed to contain Unstable Magical Energy, but when dropped, the contained energy is released, dealing 1,337 damage to all nearby foes. As the mentioned golems are impervious to most types of damage and have a large amount of health, this method is the most effective way to battle them.


  • The Flux Matrix itself is a double reference to the Back to the Future series' flux capacitor and the Matrix of Leadership in the Transformers.
    • In The Transformers: The Movie (1986), the Matrix is opened, unleashing its energies to destroy Unicron, a planet-eating robot no single Transformer could defeat.
Flux Matrix Empty.jpg
Empty Flux Matrix
Flux Matrix Filled.jpg
Filled Flux Matrix
Flux Matrix Released.jpg
Flux energy released