Eternal Alchemy

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The Eternal Alchemy is the common deistic ideology of the Asuran view on the world, the Mists, and all life. The belief states that all things and events are part of a greater scheme of existence and that even the Human Gods, the Spirits of the Wild, and other deities are a part of this grand scheme as mere cogs, albeit larger ones. Although the Asura do not know where this scheme will lead, they strive to figure out the Eternal Alchemy and its secrets.

The Eternal Alchemy is divided into separate aspects that relate to different parts of the world. The only known aspect is that of chaos and strife. Eternal Alchemy is said to express itself through cogs and each individual person or aspect of life is considered a cog. To the Asura, death means returning to the grand equation and allowing the Eternal Alchemy to continue its work.


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