The Goddess of Truth

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:Disambig icon.png This article is about the statue. For the god, see Goddess of Truth.

Spoiler alert: The following text contains spoilers relating to the story of Nightfall.

Statue of Kormir in Chantry of Secrets.

The Goddess of Truth is a statue of Kormir erected by the Order of Whispers after she ascended to become the Goddess of Truth. Kneeling at that statue summons the Seer of Truth, the goddess' avatar, which in turn grants access to the Domain of Anguish. The statue stands in the blocked area of the Chantry of Secrets which is only accessible after completion of Abaddon's Gate mission.

Unlike all other god states, the appearance of this statue is independent of whether or not the world is currently blessed with the favor of the gods. The statue itself depicts a blindfolded Kormir holding a book close to her chest, while holding and standing on the mask of Abaddon with her other hand.


When using the "The Goddess of Truth" interactive object that is next to the Statue of Kormir found in the Chantry of Secrets outpost:

Statue of Kormir.png

And so it came to pass that Spearmarshal Kormir, hero of all Elona, was pulled into the inky blackness surrounding the God of Secrets. And though her sight had been robbed, her body wracked, and her spirit flayed, she remained resolute.

And so was she joined within the Realm of Torment by fearless allies, <character name> and other great heroes, who stood at her side as she sought to thwart Nightfall. Together did they battle through Fear, and Anguish, and Madness, until at last they stood before the face of the imprisoned god; he who had challenged the Five and lost; he who threatened to break the chains placed upon him by the other gods; he who now sought to bring Nightfall to the world: the dark god, Abaddon.

And so did Kormir and her allies engage the dark god in titanic battle. And through her power, and their combined skill and bravery, and the blessings of the Five True Gods, did Abaddon at last face his ultimate defeat.

Yet the power of a god cannot be destroyed, and Kormir, making a choice that only a mortal could make, did take upon herself the mantle of the Goddess of Truth, with all its power and responsibility, all its dominion and duties.

And so by mortal hands did a new immortal enter creation.

- Scriptures of Kormir, 1075 AE



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