Tome of the Rubicon

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Tome of the Rubicon
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Single-use No
Related quest Unspeakable, Unknowable
Campaign Prophecies

The Great Destroyer has been cast down into the Depths. Never again shall its name be uttered, lest it rise up and bring ruin down upon the world.

— Tome of the Rubicon

The Tome of the Rubicon is an ancient book, written by the Great Dwarf himself before the time of the Human Gods, that tells how the Dwarven race was forged by their god on Anvil Rock. It describes the ancient battle between the Dwarven deity and the Great Destroyer, his arch-nemesis. However, not only does it contain lore on Dwarven past, but an ancient prophecy that details the Dwarven apocalypse, where the ancient battle of the two beings will be repeated, and no matter what the outcome, changing (or ending) the Dwarven race in the process forever.

This apocalypse can be brought about by reading the Great Destroyer's true name aloud from the Tome; something which the Stone Summit attempted to do in 1072 AE, in the depths of Sorrow's Furnace, before it was retrieved by High Priest Alkar making its secrets safe again. After the threat of the Stone Summit passed, Alkar dug up the Tome and translating it, learned of the prophecy that spelled his race's doom and that the Great Destroyer was returning even without his true name spoken.




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  • This item is always referred to as the Tome of Rubicon when in the context of Guild Wars Eye of the North, in which it is a significant plot device.
  • Although it bears the same emblem as the guild cape for Ascalon's Chosen, most book bundles in the game use this skin, so there may be no significance.
  • There is a river in Italy called Rubicon. Its significance comes from the phrase "Crossing the Rubicon" which means crossing the point of no return.