Defend the Temple of War

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Defend the Temple of War
Section Fissure of Woe Quests
Campaign Core
Given by Eternal Forgemaster
in The Fissure of Woe
(Fissure of Woe)
Preceded by The Eternal Forgemaster
Followed by Restore the Temple of War
Khobay the Betrayer
Tower of Strength
Type Secondary quest Repeatable quest

Having retaken the Temple of War, you must hold out against additional invaders until more temple guards arrive.

Quest Information[edit]


  • Destroy the Shadow Army Invader[sic]. You have 12..0 groups left.
  • The Crafter must survive.
  • Return to Eternal Forgemaster for your reward.



Upon accepting this quest two large groups of Abyssals and Shadow Beasts will spawn at the doors to the Temple, and will soon start attacking the altar. Make sure your party is ready before accepting.

The invaders will come up a pair at a time and are relatively easy to dispose of. First eight pairs of Shadow Beasts then the four pairs of Abyssals. When they are all defeated, Temple Guards will spawn to take over the defense of the Temple. The waves are scripted to flank the Eternal Forgemaster: walking around the anvil and attacking it from its sides. An easy protection measure is thus to simply flag two heroes adjacent to the Forgemaster. The enemies will be unable to get to him.



Ghosts (Eternal)


Nightmares (Shadow Army)


Initial Dialogue[edit]

Eternal Forgemaster
"Menzies, Lord of Destruction, will not rest while we hold the Temple of War. There can be no doubt he will launch a new attack very soon. Balthazar will send new Temple Guards shortly. In the meantime, will you remain and fight the next wave of Shadow Army Invaders?"
Yes Accept: "I will protect the Temple!"
No Decline: "I am not ready."
Ask Ask: "Now is not the time for talk! The Shadow Army Invaders stil[sic] threaten the Temple of War. Once they are destroyed, we will have all eternity to converse."

Reward Dialogue[edit]

Eternal Forgemaster
"Behold, new Temple Guardians have arrived. Balthazar will not forget how you helped safeguard the Temple of War in its time of need."