The Wailing Lord

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The Wailing Lord
Section Fissure of Woe Quests
Campaign Core
Given by Rastigan the Eternal
in The Fissure of Woe
(Fissure of Woe)
Preceded by Tower of Courage
Followed by A Gift of Griffons
Type Secondary quest Repeatable quest

Teach the Wailing Lord a lesson for interfering with the God of War.

Quest information[edit]




The Wailing Lord resides in his forest in the northwest of the Fissure, though you will need to travel east then north through the Great Battle Field to get there. He and the Banshees are at the far end of the forest across a bridge. The bridge is guarded by a large number of Skeleton Army units, including pop-ups before, on, and after the bridge. Proceed with caution even if things look clear or you can be quickly overwhelmed.

Do not attack the Wailing Lord. You will be kicked out of the Fissure if he dies. Beware that because he's hostile he will take AoE damage and will be attacked by minions (if you have any). It is best to pull the Banshees, and any other enemy, across the bridge to ensure the Wailing Lord is unharmed.

Do not take the quest offered by the Wailing Lord unless and until the party is ready, as it can make for a speedy exit from the Fissure for the unprepared. You don't need to talk to the Wailing Lord at all to complete the current quest. You can just go back to Rastigan to pick up the reward.




Skeletons (Skeletal Army)

Nightmares (Shadow Army)


Initial dialogue[edit]

Rastigan the Eternal
"The forest to the north has long been allied with neither Balthazar nor Menzies. The God of War has allowed this neutrality so long as the Wailing Lord has not interfered with our forces. Of late, the Wailing Lord has protested our forays to gather timber and stone for the Temple of War. Workers and messengers have been attacked.
"Go into the forest and destroy the banshees that serve the master of the forest, but do not harm the Wailing Lord himself. Our purpose is to instruct, not to destroy."

Yes Accept: "I will teach this Wailing Lord a lesson."
No Decline: "The Wailing Lord is not my enemy."
Ask Ask: "The lord of the forest must be punished for his insolence. Find his haven within the forest and destroy his banshees. Remember: The Wailing Lord himself is not to be harmed."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Rastigan the Eternal
"You have sent a clear message to the Wailing Lord. No doubt he will reconsider his insolence."


  • An unlocked Chest will spawn near the Wailing Lord when you complete the quest objectives.