Tower of Courage

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the quest. For the landmark, see Tower of Courage (landmark).
Tower of Courage
Section Fissure of Woe Quests
Campaign Core
Given by Rastigan the Eternal
in The Fissure of Woe
(Fissure of Woe)
Followed by The Wailing Lord
Type Secondary quest Repeatable quest

Having entered the Fissure of Woe, prove you are worthy of Balthazar's favor by retaking the Tower of Courage.

Quest information[edit]




The events of this quest will play out whether the quest is taken or not. You must be prepared for this if your party approaches the Tower of Courage because you will be thrown out of the Fissure of Woe if Rastigan the Eternal perishes. Each group of Shadow Army you need to kill for this quest consists of an Abyssal and two Shadow Rangers. Aggroing these groups will cause Rastigan to run forward, and he will certainly die if you haven't taken care of things.

First, clear out the area between you and the Tower without aggroing the Abyssal/Ranger groups. Most groups start with the left side first, and then the right. Be mindful of patrols and Shadow Beast popups. When the area is clear, take out the first group at the southwest of the Tower. Rastigan will run forward and stand where this group was. Take out the rest of the groups around the Tower. When they're dead, Rastigan will come up and open the tower gate. Shadow Lord Vogris will spawn inside with 2 Abyssals. One possible tactic to defeat this last group is to have one or more players body block them at the gate entrance. This will help focus their damage on fewer party members and bunch them up for AoE damage.

It is possible to prevent Rastigan from running forward after aggroing one of the Shadow Army groups if your party is well out of his range. The groups can then be defeated at your own pace. When you are ready for him to run forward, move within his range.



Ghosts (Eternal)


Nightmares (Shadow Army)


Initial dialogue[edit]

Rastigan the Eternal
"Balthazar has brought you here as a test. The Tower of Courage has fallen under the sway of the Shadow Army that serves Menzies. Balthazar will not brook this affront by his half-brother, the so-called Lord of Destruction. Destroy the Shadow Army forces in the Tower, and you shall earn the respect of the God of War."
Yes Accept: "I live for battle!"
No Decline: "I am not ready."
Ask Ask: "Balthazar does not allow mortals into the realm of War without good reason. Give us a demonstration that you are worthy of the honor that has been bestowed upon you. Go forth and destroy the Shadow Army forces in the Tower."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Rastigan the Eternal: "That's it! Destroy the Shadow Army!"
Rastigan the Eternal: "The servants of Menzies cannot withstand your righteous might!"
Rastigan the Eternal: "Now shall I open the gate."
Rastigan the Eternal: "Hearken to me, O Tower of Courage. I have come to challenge the false master of this place."
Rastigan the Eternal: "Shelter not the coward from my righteous wrath."
Rastigan the Eternal: "In Balthazar's name, I command you: Open the gate!"

Reward Dialogue[edit]

Rastigan the Eternal
"You have shattered the forces of Menzies like a true champion of Balthazar. This realm is now open to you. Seek out what glory you may find, fighting alongside the Eternal Army of the God of War."


  • An unlocked Chest spawns inside the tower when this quest is completed.