Great Battle Field

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Great Battle Field
Great Battle Field picture.jpg
Campaign Core
Region The Mists
Type Landmark
Great Battle Field map.jpg
Map of the Great Battle Field

The Great Battle Field is a large area of plains sweeping to the north of the Temple of War in the Fissure of Woe. It is the site of the never-ending battle between Balthazar's eternal army and Menzies' shadow army. The field contains two battle camps, one for each opposing army. There are many exits from the great battle field: north-east to the Burning Forest, south to the Temple of War, south-west to the Tower of Courage, or north-west to the Forest of the Wailing Lord.

The field is patrolled largely by the skeletal army, an army comprised of the fallen soldiers of both the shadow army and the eternal army.




  • Kromril the Eternal
  • Eternal Weaponsmith


Elementals (Shadow Army)

Nightmares (Shadow Army)




Nightmares (Shadow Army)

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