The Hunt

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The Hunt
Section Fissure of Woe Quests
Campaign Core
Given by Nimros the Hunter
in The Fissure of Woe
(Fissure of Woe)
Type Secondary quest Repeatable quest
The Hunt map.jpg
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Hunt down the seven Shard Wolves to prove your worth.

Quest information[edit]




When the quest is taken, the seven Shard Wolves will spawn scattered about the Fissure. There will be a Shard Wolf in each of the major areas surrounding the Temple, with the exception of the Lake of Fire. The Shard Wolves can be killed in conjunction with exploring or doing other quests in the Fissure. When the last Shard Wolf is dead, return to Nimros the Hunter for your reward.





Initial dialogue[edit]

Nimros the Hunter
"You dare range across this realm as if you deserve such an honor? Protected by Balthazar's Eternal servants, it is no wonder you survive your encounters with the Shadow Army.
I have come, aided by no god, to hunt prey worthy of my skill, the shard wolves of this realm. Seven have I slain in my first day here. Could you say the same?"
Yes Accept: "I too shall slay seven shard wolves."
No Decline: "I don't have time for games."
Ask Ask: "Do not expect me to tell you where to find the wolves. I needed no such help. And do not bother me to tell me you have killed one or two shard wolves. Seven did I slay in a single day."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Nimros the Hunter
"I confess that you have some worth. Few hunters, even if they arrived here effortlessly through the help of Balthazar, would have been able to track down and destroy the shard wolves.
Perhaps we shall meet again and have an opportunity to test our skills against one another."


  • Ensure that all players take the quest before killing the first wolf, or else they can lose the 10,000 xp quest reward (however, they will still get credit for completing The Hunt as one of the eleven mission objectives).
  • Some players find it easier to start and complete the quest after the area is cleared of foes.
Bug Bug.When six wolves have been killed, the quest log reads, "Destroy the Shard Wolves. 1 Shard Wolve remain".