Slaves of Menzies

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Slaves of Menzies
Section Fissure of Woe Quests
Campaign Core
Given by Miko the Unchained
in Burning Forest
(Fissure of Woe)
Type Secondary quest Repeatable quest

Free the enslaved spirits from the clutches of the Shadow Army.

Quest information[edit]




Clear the Burning Forest before accepting this quest, otherwise you will have to deal with the original mobs while you tackle those spawned by the quest. As long as you can control how many mobs you confront at once, the area is easy. However, it is often difficult to do this because they have overlapping patrol routes. If you start to get overwhelmed, get as far away as quickly as you can; the groups will sometimes follow you almost all the way back to Miko.

The quest itself spawns four additional groups, each consisting of a Shadow Overlord and three allies. Killing these groups is all that's required to complete the quest.





Nightmares (Shadow Army)


Initial dialogue[edit]

Miko the Unchained
"You are the one who has been inflicting such casualties to the Shadow Army, aren't you? Listen to me: This "forest" provides foul materials that the shadow smiths use in forging weapons for the armies of the Lord of Destruction. The labor is all carried out by slaves. Soon they and their masters will appear. You can strike a crippling blow to Menzies and the Shadow Army by destroying the Shadow Overlords and allowing the slaves to escape."
Yes Accept: "I will help your friends."
No Decline: "I have no time for this."
Ask Ask: "Please, my friends have suffered for so long in servitude to the Lord of Destruction. Grant them freedom from this eternal torment by destroying the Shadow Overlords that have enslaved them.
If you will not do so for mercy, do so for the sake of conquest. Without these slaves, the forces of Menzies will be weakened and will surely fall to Balthazar's Eternal Army."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Miko the Unchained
"Now that we are free, we shall seek the judgment of Grenth. May he consider how we suffered here before choosing our fate in the Underworld."


  • The Enslaved Hero you save makes a slow, safe walk back to the Forest of the Wailing Lord.
Anomaly Anomaly.Unlike every other quest (except A Strange Request), the objectives include words highlighted in green.