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Dragons of all shapes, sizes, and origin have called Cantha home for thousands of years, since long before the tribes of old joined to form the empire that took them as its symbol.

The Guild Wars Factions Manuscripts

Glint, Baby Dragon, Albax, Shiny, the Saltspray Dragon Hatchling and Kuunavang are the only members of the dragon family in the game that can be found as non-hostile NPCs.

All non-Canthan dragons are referred to as Drakes.

Dragons are a large theme throughout Cantha and somewhat throughout Tyria and the Mists, resulting in many draconic statues and decorations (as seen in the gallery).

List of hostile NPCs[edit]

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Region Name Trophy
Fissure of Woe Elementalist 24 (26) Obsidian Furnace Drake Shadowy Crest
Guild Wars Prophecies
Ascalon (pre-Searing) Elementalist 5 River Drake None
Kryta Elementalist 18 (25) Lightning Drake
Elementalist 20 (26) Grand Drake
Spiked Crest
Crystal Desert Elementalist 21 (26) Sand Drake Topaz Crest
Ring of Fire Islands Elementalist 24 (26) Drake Fiery Crest
Guild Wars Factions
Shing Jea Island Necromancer 11 (25) Bonesnap Turtle Bonesnap Shell
The Jade Sea Elementalist 24 (26) Saltspray Dragon Azure Crest
Elementalist 24 (26) Rockhide Dragon
Saltspray Beach (Alliance Battle) Elementalist 20 Saltspray Dragon Hatchling None
Guild Wars Nightfall
Istan Warrior 10 (24) Irontooth Drake Chunk of Drake Flesh
Kourna Warrior 10 (24), 18 (25) Irontooth Drake1
Warrior 20 (26) Steelfang Drake
Elementalist 5 (23) River Drake1
Elementalist 18 (25) Lightning Drake1
Elementalist 20 (26) Grand Drake1
Elementalist 21 (26) Sand Drake1
Elementalist 24 (26) Obsidian Furnace Drake1
Guild Wars Eye of the North
Depths of Tyria Elementalist 20 (26) Chromatic Drake Chromatic Scale
Tarnished Coast Elementalist 20 (26) Chromatic Drake
  1. Only during the quest Drakes on the Plain.


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