Spiked Crest

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Spiked Crest
Spiked Crest.png
Rarity Common
Type Trophy
Value 12 Gold
Stackable Yes
Campaign Prophecies
Collector(s) Arris Weston
Common salvage 3 Scales
Trophy dragon crest.jpg

Spiked Crests are the heads of Krytan drakes, left behind as trophies. It is believed that these crests contribute to the drake's control of Air Magic.



Sanctum Cay
Farming Spiked Crests in Sanctum Cay

Farm the Lightning Drakes on the beach in the early area of this mission. The Lightning Drakes spawn at the player marker on the screenshot. You will first have to pass by between 2-3 groups of 2-3 Inferno Imps before reaching the location. There are between 2-3 groups of 2-3 drakes which can easily be killed solo. Since they do not inflict a great deal of damage, a single self-heal should be sufficient. Typically, you will find 0-1 crest per run.


Arris Weston[edit]

Location: Tears of the Fallen
Collecting: 4 Spiked Crests

Item Stats Requirement Weapon bonuses Value
Inscribed Chakram Energy +8 6 Domination Magic Energy +5 (While Health is above 75%) 48 Gold
Bone Staff Energy +6
Cold Dmg: 7-13
6 Death Magic Halves casting time of Death Magic spells (Chance: 20%)
Halves skill recharge of spells (Chance:20%)
48 Gold
Air Staff Energy +6
Lightning Dmg: 7-13
6 Air Magic Halves casting time Air Magic spells (Chance: 20%)
Halves skill recharge of spells (Chance:20%)
48 Gold
Deadly Cesta Dark Dmg: 7-13 6 Blood Magic Halves skill recharge of Blood Magic spells (Chance:20%) 48 Gold
Battle Axe Slashing Dmg: 6-21 6 Axe Mastery Damage +15% (while in a stance) 48 Gold
Earth Scroll Energy +6 6 Energy Storage Armor +5 (while enchanted)
Health +45 (while enchanted)
48 Gold


Location: Stingray Strand
Collecting: 5 Spiked Crests

Profession Item AR Armor bonus Value
Warrior Warrior Krytan Helm 59 Swordsmanship +1 (Stacking)
Armor +20 (vs. physical damage)
48 Gold
Ranger Ranger Hunter Mask 49 Expertise +1 (Stacking)
Armor +30 (vs. elemental damage)
48 Gold
Monk Monk Dragon Scalp Design 39 Protection Prayers +1 (Stacking) 48 Gold
Necromancer Necromancer Ragged Scar Pattern 39 Death Magic +1 (Stacking) 48 Gold
Mesmer Mesmer Costume Mask 39 Illusion Magic +1 (Stacking) 48 Gold
Elementalist Elementalist All-Seeing Eye 39 Energy Storage +1 (Stacking) 48 Gold

Nicholas the Traveler[edit]

Location: Tears of the Fallen (week of next appearance: 4 September 2023)
Collecting: 1 Spiked Crest

Item Value
Gift of the Traveler 0Gold