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Cold damage is an elemental damage type that is usually caused by ice, water, frost, or other related sources. The majority of cold damage sources are found in the Elementalist's Water Magic line, though cold damage is also plentiful in Necromancer offensive skills, and also appears in several Air Magic and Wind Prayers spells. Within weapons, cold damage can be inflicted by staves and wands with Water Magic, as well as Curses and Death Magic attribute requirements. In addition, cold damage can also be inflicted by any martial weapon upgraded with an Icy prefix upgrade.

Unlike some other games, cold damage has no inherent effects such as slowing or shattering foes on hit. However, many Water Magic spells are hexes that both inflict cold damage and snare a target.

Cold damage is particularly effective against fire damage-based foes. Using cold damage against a Flame Djinn will substantially increase damage one would otherwise do. Contrarily, cold damage is less effective against icy or cold-based enemies such as Ice Imps.

Generally within PvE, cold damage is less common compared to the other elements due to its focus on snaring and lower damage output. However, depending on the situation, and particularly against foes weak to cold damage, using cold damage may be preferable. Within PvP, cold damage either commonly comes in the form of a side effect from utilizing Water Magic hexes to support allies via snaring foes or preventing them from dealing damage. However, cold damage also occurs within some spikes - sometimes as the primary damage source.

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