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Giants are grotesquely formed humanoids that are larger than humans. They are sentient, but communicate using primitive language skills. They are found using just three professions: warriors, rangers, or necromancers. All Giants appear to have horns protruding from either their jaw, forehead, or the top of their skull.

Every giant has Giant Stomp and, except for those found in The Desolation, all have immunity to knock down. Some giants can cause knock down on critical hits.

Weapons that deal extra damage to giants include: The Long Sword crafted by Grahame and any weapon with an of Giantslaying upgrade.

List of hostile NPCs[edit]

Region Name Trophy
Guild Wars Prophecies
Kryta Warrior 20 (26) Hill Giant Gargantuan Jawbone
Crystal Desert Necromancer 22 (26, 31) Sand Giant Massive Jawbone
Southern Shiverpeaks Warrior 24 (26) Tundra Giant
Warrior 24 (26) Enslaved Frost Giant
Huge Jawbone
Sorrow's Furnace Warrior 28 (30) Furnace Guardian N/A
Guild Wars Nightfall
Vabbi Necromancer 24 (26) Bull Trainer Giant Bull Trainer Giant Jawbone
The Desolation Ranger 24 (26) Nomad Giant
Necromancer 24 (26) Sadistic Giant
Giant Tusk


Gw2logo.png The Guild Wars 2 Wiki has an article on Giant.
  • The Great Giants, an extinct species, are a very different kind of creature. They are called "giants" only because of the huge size of their remains.
  • With the exception of chests, only giants can drop Giant Slayers Hammers.