Stun Immunity

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Monster cannot be stunned.

Monster cannot be stunned.

Concise description
Monster cannot be stunned.


  • Earthbind is the only skill that bypasses this skill's effect.
  • Most foes that use Giant Stomp carry this passive skill, which prevents them from stunning each other. Similarly, their oversized allies also carry the skill and are unaffected by stomping.
  • Many large foes, such as Wurms, carry Stun Immunity, giving them the appearance of being too big to be knocked over. Other massive foes, e.g. Avalanches, do not carry the skill and can be knocked down.
  • The fact that a foe is hard to knock down does not mean they carry this skill. For example, Dhuum and Shiro cannot be knocked down ordinarily, unless the duration of the KD is extended (e.g. via a Stonefist Insignia).