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A Wammo is a term describing any Warrior with a Monk secondary (WaMo). It is almost always used derogatorily and is often used generically to describe a player that is ignorant of Guild Wars basics.

The classic Wammo (or Whammo) uses Healing Prayers, thinking that it makes them a better tank (or a type of Paladin). For example, sword-wielding Wammos will use Mending or Healing Hands. However, the game offers significantly better options for tanks. Other combinations include combining Vigorous Spirit with Cyclone Axe/Triple Chop or using Holy Strike alongside hammer attacks. Unfortunately, Warriors make bad healers because they lack energy management, the heal-boosting of Divine Favor, and must sacrifice armor or health to have more than a small pool of base energy.

Although there can be good reasons for Warriors to choose a monk secondary (e.g. to add a hard resurrection, for removing conditions, or for team utility), the connotations are so negative that it is hard for W/Mo characters to find groups in PvP and sometimes even PvE.

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