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A consumable set is an unofficial term for one of each of the following three consumables: Grail of Might, Essence of Celerity, and Armor of Salvation. More commonly referred to as a conset, it is used by players to reduce the risk and/or the time spent completing any challenging PvE goal, e.g. vanquishing, speed clearing, elite areas (such as the Domain of Anguish), or Beyond.

Used together, a full conset provides the entire party with the following benefits: +100 maximum health, +10 Maximum energy, +1 to all attributes, 20% faster movement, attack speeds, skill activation, and skill recharges, immunity to 50% of critical hits, +10 armor, +1 Health regeneration, and damage reduction of 5 for 30 minutes.


The most convenient place to craft a full conset is Embark Beach, where the required vendors are standing next to each other. Alternatively, you can visit the primary Eye of the North outposts one at-a-time. Either way, to acquire all three items on your own, your character must be at least rank three in the Asuran, Deldrimor, and Norn title tracks.

Item Required title EotN Outpost Crafter (both EotN and EB) Materials
Grail of Might Slayer of Nightmares Gunnar's Hold Eyja 250 Gold  50 Iron Ingot(s)  50 Pile(s) of Glittering Dust  1 Skill Point
Essence of Celerity Not Too Clumsy Rata Sum Kwat 250 Gold  50 Feather(s)  50 Pile(s) of Glittering Dust  1 Skill Point
Armor of Salvation Gutsy Delver Central Transfer Chamber Alcus Nailbiter 250 Gold  50 Iron Ingot(s)  50 Bone(s)  1 Skill Point
Complete conset 750 Gold  100 Iron Ingot(s)  100 Pile(s) of Glittering Dust  50 Bone(s)  50 Feather(s)  3 Skill Point


Consumable crafter goods
List of consumablesConsumable set
All Scroll of Resurrection.png Scroll of Resurrection Star of Transference.png Star of Transference Perfect Salvage Kit.png Perfect Salvage Kit
Reputation specific Armor of Salvation.png Armor of Salvation Essence of Celerity.png Essence of Celerity Grail of Might.png Grail of Might Powerstone of Courage.png Powerstone of Courage