Forbidden Path

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Forbidden Path
Campaign Core
Region The Battle Isles
Type Landmark

The Forbidden Path is a road that connects Zaishen Challenge outpost and Zaishen Elite outpost. It's a small winding path in the Zaishen Challenge outpost that can only be accessed once you have completed The Path of the Zaishen Elite. It leads you up a grassy slope and through a small crevice in the cliffs which then leads onto the waterfall. Walking through the waterfall will take you to the Zaishen Elite outpost.

Though it is far quicker to map travel, those who wish to go from Zaishen Challenge to Zaishen Elite should talk to the Zaishen Guard at the gate in Zaishen Challenge to gain access.


  • The area at the end of the path is used as the Costume Brawl staging area.
  • You cannot ferry players to the Zaishen Elite outpost by walking through the waterfall if they haven't been there before.

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