Zaishen Combat

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Zaishen Combat
Cantha Stand Red.png
Affiliation Zaishen Order
Type Signpost
Service Quest giver
Level(s) 24
Campaign Core

The Zaishen Combat signpost is an NPC that offers a different daily Zaishen Challenge Quest for gold, faction, experience, and Copper Zaishen Coins. You can get the quest rewards from Zehnchu at the Great Temple of Balthazar.

Unlike the other Zaishen Challenge Quests, Zaishen Combat quests can be repeated on the same day.



The available quest changes daily, based on a recurring cycle. For a quick overview of which quests will be available in the next days, see Zaishen Challenge Quests. For all available quests, see the category listing and for information about the current or previous cycles, see the cycles subpage.

Note: To ensure that the correct quest is displayed, if the UTC time shown above is not close to the UTC clock time at the top of the page, you can refresh/purge this page.


"This is the signpost where Zaishen Combat quests are posted."

Alternative with no quests available:

"There are no more quests available here today, but other signs may have more postings from the Zaishen."

Alternative when you already have the maximum number of quests:

"Zaishen battle assignments are limited to 3 at one time."

When asked about a quest:

"More competitors needed to prove their mettle in combat. Travel to the battlegrounds if you have what it takes to triumph."


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