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Root Behemoth.jpg

Behemoths are slender, serpentine creatures. In Tyria and the Mists, Behemoths are stationary, burrowing creatures that toss rocks at those who come nearby. In the Maguuma Jungle and Crystal Desert, they are often seen with burrowing insects. They are often camouflaged in with their surroundings.

In Elona, Behemoths are bipedaled, vaguely serpentine creatures. Small concentrations of them can be found throughout the Vabbi region.

List of hostile NPCs[edit]

Region Affiliation Name Trophy
The Underworld Hostile Underworld NPCs Ranger 26 (30) Obsidian Behemoth
Elementalist 26 (30) Obsidian Guardian1
Obsidian Burrower Jaw
Guild Wars Prophecies
Ascalon Ascalon wildlife Warrior 6 (23) Tar Behemoth Scar Behemoth Jaw
Maguuma Jungle Maguuma Jungle wildlife Warrior 19 (25) Root Behemoth Behemoth Jaw
Crystal Desert Crystal Desert wildlife Ranger 22 (26) Dune Burrower Dune Burrower Jaw
Ring of Fire Islands Ring of Fire Islands wildlife Ranger 28 (30) Crag Behemoth Searing Burrower Jaw
Guild Wars Nightfall
Vabbi Vabbi wildlife Necromancer 20, 22, 24 (26) Behemoth Gravebane
Dervish 24 (26) Scytheclaw Behemoth
Behemoth Hide
  1. Only during Terrorweb Queen