Behemoth Gravebane

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Behemoth Gravebane
Behemoth Gravebane.jpg
Affiliation Vabbi wildlife
Type Behemoth
Profession Necromancer Necromancer
Level(s) 20, 22, 24 (26)
Campaign Nightfall
"Mountain Devil" concept art.jpg
Concept art by Matthew Barrett.

Behemoth Gravebanes are quite adept at exploiting corpses and setting up its minions or allies for Death Nova. As these are usually encountered in a group with Scytheclaw Behemoths, the conditions that both can stack up on a party can be quite devastating for the unprepared.



Level 20: 14 Curses, 15 Death Magic (20 Curses, 20 Death Magic in Hard mode)
Level 24: 15 Curses, 15 Death Magic, 11 Soul Reaping (20 Curses, 20 Death Magic in Hard mode)

Armor ratings[edit]

Armor ratings at level 20
Blunt damage 100 Piercing damage 100 Slashing damage 100
Cold damage 60 Earth damage 60 Fire damage 60 Lightning damage 60

Items dropped[edit]



  • In profile, they resemble a Nightmare.
  • They exist in two different sizes; the usual large ones and smaller ones accompanying the normal Gravebanes in Gravebane-only groups resembling some kind of family.