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Affiliation Order of the Sunspears
Type Human
Professions Paragon Paragon
Warrior Warrior
Service Henchman
Level(s) 3...20
Campaigns Nightfall
Eye of the North

Sogolon is a henchman available in the Nightfall campaign.

He is labeled as a "Motivation Henchman."


Eye of the North



(Level 20) 9 Leadership, 12 Motivation, 9 Spear Mastery


The Norn Fighting Tournament


  • Provides effective anti-pressure / support healing.
  • Can remove conditions from the entire party with Cautery Signet (from level 20).
  • Possess a hard Resurrection skill.
  • Uses Signet of Synergy to heal himself as well instead of just other allies.
  • Possess only one (expensive) adrenaline skill to manage energy, and is vulnerable to skills like Vocal Minority or Well of Silence, both present in Nightfall campaign.
  • Low damage output.
  • Uses Signet of Synergy as self-heal before using Leader's Comfort which often offers a larger heal.


Towns and outposts
"My parents named me after Sogolon the Protector. It should be no surprise I was destined for greatness."
Throne of Secrets
"At last you take your place among legends. Like me!"
The Norn Fighting Tournament
No! This cannot be!


"Bless you, Dwayna for my wisdom. Thank you, Grenth and Balthazar, for my prowess in war. Praise to Melandru for my courage, and to Lyssa for my incredible good looks."
"Come now, friend! You and I, working together with such bright souls? We have no choice but to succeed. The gods demand it!"
"I speak to Balthazar often in my prayers. Funny, he never mentioned you."
"I work very hard to be humble. It's amazing how brilliantly I succeed."
"My arm is for fighting, my lips for prayer. My life the epitome of the gods' will."
"The gods have touched my path, blessing my life even as a young boy. I will succeed where a less fantastic man would fail!"

Battle quotes[edit]

"Even now, Sogolon the Protector smiles upon his namesake from the Mists!"
"Humility is the brother of honor."
"I am nothing if not humble."
"I mourn for those who do not know better than to face us in combat."
"I pity you, sir! You fight the bearers of truth and justice!"
"I will pray for you when this is over, and the gods will listen."
"Impossible deeds are my daily fare!"
"Like the Sogolon of yore, I shall protect you!"
"Nobility means never having to say you're sorry."
"One blow and goodbye!"
"Purity and light shine on our cause!"
"Repent now, and I will spare your lives."
"Shine on your chosen son, Balthazar!"
"The saints will remember your valor."
"There is no option. We will defeat you. It is foreordained."
"Witness your defeat at the hands of the Sunspears!"

in the Norn tournament[edit]

"I will make this mercifully brief for you."
"Don't feel isn't just *your* inadequacies. No one compares to me."


  • Sogolon is named after the Sunspear Sogolon the Protector.
  • Two of Sogolon's battle lines ("One blow and goodbye!" and "Impossible deeds are my daily fare!") are similar to the lyrics of the song C'est Moi from the musical Camelot.
  • His blue eyes seem to glow.
  • During Nightfall World Preview Event and for a week after release, Sogolon's character model was pale in skin color. In the update closing the Halloween event, his character model's skin color was changed to a darker tone.
  • His skills were updated in the October 22, 2009 update.

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