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Affiliation Order of the Sunspears
Type Human
Profession Ranger Ranger
Service Henchman
Level(s) 6...15
Campaign Nightfall

Abasi is a henchman available in the Nightfall campaign. He is a former corsair.

He is labeled as a "Hunter Henchman."




(Level 6-15) 5-7 Expertise, 5-7 Marksmanship, 5-7 Wilderness Survival



  • Abasi's Apply Poison provides considerable degeneration, and is particularly effective when fighting corsairs since the corsair rangers use Toxicity.
  • Troll Unguent is an efficient self-heal.
  • High armor against elemental damage.


  • Apply Poison is useless against non-fleshy creatures, such as skeletons.
  • Henchmen will not normally inflict poison to multiple enemies.


Towns and outposts:

"As a corsair, I was known as Evil Eye Abasi. Some men have pasts they are ashamed of. Mine is a dark ocean of regret. In the Sunspears, I have a chance to repay Istan for the harm I did her shores. Gehraz spared me. I will not forget that I owe him my life... even when I did not deserve the gift."


"I do what I can for the Sunspears, but I'll never really be one of them, savvy? I'm nothing but a corsair. I was born a corsair and I'll die one. But maybe, somewhere in the middle, I can find forgiveness for that accident of birth."
"I know how to fight corsairs, son. Break them over their own masts, use their cannons against them, and dash their spirit. It's easy to destroy a man once you know where he's weak. Trust me, I know."
"No one is more fanatic than a man who has changed his faith."
"I will stay and protect Istan. This is my home now, no matter who I was in my past."
"Everything around you is a weapon. A stick, a rock... your knee. When you need to stagger your enemy, hit him with the largest thing you can find. The ground."

Battle quotes[edit]

"Don't worry about this one. He's already dead. He just doesn't know it yet."
"For the Sunspears!"
"He won't know what hit him."
"Learn from your enemy. If he shows fear, use it."
"Loose the ten-pounders and rock the jib! These'll be dead before the water rises!"
"Meet the blade… and the master!"
"Not all Sunspears fight like gentlemen, son."
"Over the edge, my fine fellow."
"Run, brigands! This is your last warning!"
"Sand in the eyes! Point for me."
"Shatter the knee!"
"That wound may look like a nick, but Grenth comes for you. Just give him a moment..."
"What do you fear more? Dying? Or living?"


  • Gehraz spared Abasi's life, after which he turned away from the Corsairs and became a Sunspear.


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