Kournan Child

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Kournan Child
Kournan child m.jpg Kournan child f.jpg
Affiliation Kournans
Type Human
Level(s) 2
Campaign Nightfall

Kournan Children are an interesting source of information on the Storyline of Nightfall.



"Do you want to be a garrison commander when you grow up too?"
"Hey, a bug!"
"My daddy works all day in the fields, but we have nothing to eat."
"The soldiers hurt us if we don't give them enough food."
"You look kind of funny."

After completion of the Kodonur Crossroads mission.

"I want to see a Centaur, but mommy says they're all dead."
"I'm so hungry I ate some bugs. The long one was kinda tasty. But don't eat the hairy ones. They're yucky!"
"My brother said his friend saw a big weapon in the Mahnkelon Waterworks. Mommy says we're going to destroy Istan."
"The soldiers took more of our food the other day. I'm so hungry."
"What's a quota? And why is mommy crying?"

After completion of the Moddok Crevice mission.

"Daddy says Varesh will destroy the Sunspears, so I shouldn't worry."
"My brother said there were flying carpets in Vabbi. Rugs can't fly...can they?"
"My friend said she saw monsters marching with the soldiers, but I don't believe her. She's such a liar."
"The soldiers went north...after eating the rest of our food. Where's Jahai?"
"Who's Bayel? Mommy's crying cause he's dead."

After completion of the Grand Court of Sebelkeh mission.

"I dressed up as Palawa Joko for festival day, but Mommy said it was too scary."
"I heard a story about a giant wurm eating a whole city."
"I think my sister is mad at me. She told me to go take a hike in the Desolation."
"Mommy said not to tell anybody we're leaving."
"My friend wasn't lying. I saw the monsters when the soldiers took daddy away to fight for Varesh."

After completion of the Ruins of Morah mission.

"I don't know why Mommy cries so much lately. Have I been bad?"
"I swallowed a frog."
"Mommy says the world is ending. Can you play with me?"
"The soldiers said I might get to go to war with them, too."
"We stopped farming. Mommy says we don't need any more food."

After completion of the Abaddon's Gate mission.

"Daddy's[sic] says we don't have to give away our food anymore, but you can have my asparagus."
"Have you ever beat up a gargoyle?"
"I'm glad Daddy came home from fighting. Mommy doesn't cry as much anymore."
"Oh, no. Asparagus again."
"We had dinner twice! I'm glad the monsters are gone. I get to eat all I want."