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Istani commoner leatherclad.jpgSunspear f armored.jpg
Affiliation Order of the Sunspears
Type Human
Profession Warrior Warrior
Level(s) 15 (20)
Campaign Nightfall

Shorewatchers are guards tasked with watching for invaders by sea, most specifically Corsairs.




After Chahbek Village:

"Ahai, <character name>! I hear you're going to put me out of a job."
"Good work, <character profession>. My kids asked me to get your autograph."
"I trust Kormir, but I'm not sure the Sunspears are ready for the kind of leadership she offers."
"You Sunspears may be good on land, but put a rolling deck under your feet, and I bet you turn to jelly."
"You're around here so much, maybe I should just go home."

After Jokanur Diggings:

"Come on. Let an old soldier in on the fight, will you?"
"I heard those ruins are haunted. If you need someone by your side up there, you let me know."
"That storm's been moving over the ocean for days now, steadily coming closer. We'd better be ready for it."
"The Elders have been meeting at night to discuss the ruins and the visiting dignitaries. I get the feeling something's up."
"Why do the Sunspears get all the action? I've fought off hordes of corsairs. Isn't my sword good enough?"

After Blacktide Den:

"I'm going to try and transfer to the Sunspears. Get in on the fight right from the beginning!"
"I'm not afraid of war. Let's show these Kournans what Istan is made of!"
"Sure. Everybody's talking about war, but they've all forgotten the corsairs are still out there, watching like vultures for any sign of blood."
"There's no war. That's just rumor and panic. Trust me, if we were going to war with the Kournans, I'd know about it."
"War? You don't say? Well, that'll get the old blood pumping."

After Consulate Docks:

"A lot of Sunspears didn't come back from that battle. Good people. Good friends. War is hell and we are its minions."
"It's getting bad out there. Some of my friends went with the Sunspears and never returned. Makes me worry."
"The sea was red and rough at dawn. Waves the color of blood crashed on the morning beach."
"They killed my brother! Curse those Kournans! I've got to get out there and get some revenge."
"Yeah, I managed to get a few stragglers hiding close to town. You Sunspears may get the glory, but you're not the only people fighting for Istan."

After Abaddon's Gate:

"I hear the corsairs are at it again. So soon after Nightfall! They've got no respect."
"Phooey. Shore duty again. So boring. Maybe corsairs will attack...."
"You're the one who stopped Nightfall. Thank you!"
"Istan is safe thanks to you. Thank you just isn't enough. Hug?"
"Hey, it's <character name>! Good to see you. We lived through it, didn't we?"


"Don't worry citizens. If any corsairs get in here, I'll deal with them."
"Move along citizens. Step aside, step aside."