The Wilds (outpost)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about an outpost. This name is also used for a mission and a Zaishen mission quest.
The Wilds
The Wilds.jpg
Campaign Prophecies
Region Maguuma Jungle
Type Mission outpost
Party size 6
Exit(s) Sage Lands
The Wilds world map.jpg
On the world map

The Maguuma Jungle is perhaps the most dangerous place on the continent of Tyria. The Krytans don't often venture inside its borders, and those who do are seldom heard from again. Stories of man-eating plants and gigantic insects are commonly told around the campfires and inside the huts of the local villages; most of the time to scare little children from wandering into its clinging vines.

— in-game description

The Wilds is a mission outpost.

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  • Complete exploration of this outpost adds approximately 0.1% to the Tyrian Cartographer Title.

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